Life in Providence, Rhode Island for Susan Farrell was routine and predictable. She lost her father to murder when she was a child who provided her love and nurturing, something she never got from her mother, Myra. Susan resents her mother for being a drunk and making her father, Tedís life a living hell with her incessant cheating and drinking. Susan always dreamed of leaving Rhode Island and moving to West Palm Beach, Florida.

She dropped out of college to care for her mother and get a job to assume the financial responsibilities of the household. Susan Farrell is desperate to get away from her mother. Finally Susan is fed up with being her motherís nursemaid and bread winner.

She moves to West Palm Beach to live the life she always wanted. The life of wealth, glamour and luxury. The wealthy men of West Palm Beach are obsessed with Susan Farrell and want her, but want her badly enough to commit murder? What will it cost Susan Farrell to become a West Palm Beach Socialite?

Murder and The Cuckold is a full murder mystery novel set in West Palm Beach, Florida. Enter the world of cuckoldry, kink, obsession, wealth and murder.†† Copyright©2018† All Rights Reserved

A Murder Mystery Novel by Goddess Rachel


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