A Murder Mystery Novel by Goddess Rachel


The Cuckold Husband: Participant or Involuntary

By Goddess Rachel


Most marriages start off blissfully happy. The couple is in love. Lovemaking is heavenly and they canít get enough of each other. The wife is happy with the size of her husbandís penis and most importantly how he uses it. They are undeniably into each other. The stars are lined up in their favor in every possible way for a successful marriage.

Then there are couples who enter into marriage knowing full well in the back of their minds they shouldnít be together. They were mismatched from the start and the only thing they are in love with is the idea of being married or having money and security.

What seduces a wife to take outside lovers into her bed? Is the reason always sexual dissatisfaction from her husband or the thrill of cheating? The reason isnít always penis size.

Cuckoldry now-a-days is considered a fetish where both spouses in the marriage are participants. In this case the husband is sexually turned on knowing his wife is having sex with other men. His gratification comes from assisting her in preparation of the affair by buying her sexy lingerie, perfume or preparing her bath. His wife rewards him by regaling him with titillating details of the sexual encounter. She may also allow him to watch.

The involuntary cuckold husband is sometimes the submissive in the relationship. He adores his wife and is devoted to her. He may not be the best lover, but she married him because she is certain of his love, devotion and loyalty. She is emotionally secure in his love he provides, but she withholds sex from her husband because they are not sexually compatible.

She loves him dearly and by all accounts is a good wife to him, but she seeks outside lovers to satisfy her sexual and romantic needs that are not being met at home.

The Involuntary cuckold husband may suspect his wife is cheating on him but he accepts it because he loves her. Itís not something he would have chosen for his marriage, but he says nothing. He looks the other way, because he does not want to lose her.


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