A Murder Mystery Novel by Goddess Rachel



The Willing Cuckold Husband and His Hot Wife

By Goddess Rachel


There are many facets of a cuckold husband. The obvious one is the submissive, cuckold husband with the beautiful, powerful, dominant wife whom he has placed on a pedestal. She is his goddess and under her rule. She does what she wants and with whom she wants, and he doesnít have any say in the matter. This type of relationship is usually established well into courtship before marriage. The initial attraction between these two people could be a host of things that have pulled them together.


Then thereís that alpha male cuckold husband who views his beautiful, hot wife as an extension of his self-worth. It turns him on when other men ogle his sexually appealing wife. He objectifies her and relish the same behavior towards his trophy spouse from other men.


The female in this type of union is not dominant, but maybe share the same lack of self-worth with her husband. She is the pleaser in the relationship and will do anything to please her husband including having sex with other men at the behest of her spouse. I donít want to suggest that he isnít the jealous type. He certainly is. He will not allow his wife to go off on her own, and have a sexual liaison with another man without him. He is a voyeur and wants to watch whether all has consented or his hiding in the closet unbeknownst to her lover.


The longevity of this marriage is questionable and definitely a detriment to the hot wife who allows herself to be exploited.

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